Hmwk 1 Template

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Students can print this template prior to viewing the online Video Lesson. These are the same questions found online! You only need to watch each video and select the best of the multiple choice options you feel best answer each question.

1. For Chapter 1, you will need to watch the videos listed in order to answer the following five multiple choice questions. Which of the following statements is not true?

All types of businesses touch our lives every day.

We influence business by the buying decisions we make.

We choose one firm's products over another’s because the selected products fulfill our needs.
An entrepreneur is guaranteed success if she or he can come up with a good idea for a business.

When we buy a firm's products,
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can use dumping to enter global markets.

can join an economic community to enter global markets.
face new global opportunities, alliances, and dependencies.

must beware of new foreign-exchange controls.

12. Pier 1 prefers to buy directly from producers in other countries because it can

avoid foreign-exchange controls.

Avoid non-tariff barriers.

Form strategic alliances more easily.

Tap the resources of the IMF.
Save money by not dealing with importers.

13. Some companies see global business as a way to

profit from import quotas that restrict the international flow of goods.
acquire raw materials that are limited or costly in their home countries.

address national balance of trade issues in their home countries.

become independent from joint ventures for counter trade.

press for changes to trade barriers such as lower tariffs.

14. Which of the following is a correct statement about Subway?
All Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated by franchisees.

Subway restaurants in other countries are owned by the franchisor.

Subway is yet to open its restaurants in Germany, Finland, and Poland.

Subway is aiming to open few, if any, new restaurants in the United States.

Subway's expansion in overseas markets is seriously threatened by host governments.

15. Subway's first restaurant overseas opened in



the United Kingdom