Panera Bread Marketing Mix Proposal

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Signature Frozen Yogurt Table of Contents Executive Summary For the past 28 years we have been committed to offering a wide variety of healthy entrée options at the highest quality for a reasonable price, however, we have never offered a selection of healthy option desserts and therefore have decided to launch a new product, the Signature Frozen Yogurt. This product is a secret blend of all-natural ingredients. One of the most important ingredients is real nonfat milk, which has been certified by the National Yogurt Association to carry the Live and Active Cultures. Regardless of the flavor, our crispy and tangy yogurt is designed to awaken the senses and blend perfectly with each of our freshly cut fruit toppings. It is low …show more content…

We not only have a commitment to giving back to the community but consistently holding the highest standards of quality for every customer regardless of which Panera you dine at. Finally, we also commit to providing a sound environment with integrity present for our employees. Goals and Objectives By entering the frozen dessert market, we will further increase our distinctive qualities because no other competitor in the restaurant industry has a similar frozen yogurt product. The Signature Frozen Yogurt will take on the familiar qualities of all other products by use of the “Signature” title. This consistence will remind consumers that all our “Signature” products are similar in an important aspect: quality. Also, our company is creating more value for the new product itself by displaying the ingredients and nutrition facts to prove to consumers that the dessert is a truly healthy one. Finally, our decision to enter this new market gives consumers a much more accessible product. Currently, there are only a few big-name frozen dessert foodservice venues that offer a frozen yogurt product, including TCBY and Baskin Robbins. Our company recognizes the great potential in this growing market, in great thanks to society’s healthy eating trends. The frozen yogurt market is being revitalized now that consumers have realized that with healthy eating comes a great need to satisfy the sweet-tooth cravings, and that is where our Signature Frozen Yogurt comes