Simulation Title: Market Research

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SIMULATION DESCRIPTION: As the manager of TriState Dairies market research department, you need to determine what to do with the Dairies' surplus milk.

You earned 69 percent.


TriState Dairies is a food processor that packages and sells dairy products. At present their core business is selling 1) pasteurized, skimmed, and plain milk, and 2) yogurts and yogurt drinks. They want to expand their market, particularly for milk. They can easily convert surplus milk production to the production of flavored milks. At the moment the flavored milks sales overall are low and the market small. The bulk of flavored milks are sold to parents who buy them for children. The marketing department thinks that there may be untapped
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Deciding What Secondary Sources To Use

Having decided what you want to research, you now must decide what sources to use to gather your data. The following secondary resources are available. Which will you choose to use? Bear in mind that using in-house databases has very little cost, while using the commercial database will incur considerable expense.

Use of in-house databases that show trends in the sales of all TriState's pasteurized milk products over the last 10 years.

Deciding What Primary Sources To Use

Having decided what secondary sources you will use, you now need to decide whether you elect to use any primary sources for obtaining data. This will involve setting up targeted research to answer the questions that you need answered. Note that this research will be carried out in-house by the market research department, but will be quite expensive.

You will not use any primary sources. They are expensive and the secondary sources you have chosen should be sufficient to gather the data that you need.

You stuck with this initial decision, making choices when designing your research plan that were consistent with the problem that you defined.

Deciding What Primary Sources To Use

One of your researchers has found something interesting: an online database containing information on flavored milk sales in a foreign country. In this country adults consume a lot of flavored milk; in fact coffee-flavored


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