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Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Company background 3. Concept 4. Problem area 5. Problem formulation 6. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals 7. Selling prepositions 7.1. USP 7.2. ESP 8. Target group 8.1. Questionnaire 8.2. Target group 9. Marketing Mix 9.1. The four P’s 9.2. PEST analysis 10. Market research 10.1. Mobile subscribers worldwide 10.2. Top mobile markets: The 100 million Club 10.3. Mobile phone shipments 10.4. Mobile device market penetration 10.5. Smartphone shipments by manufacturer 11. Competitors - SWOT on competitors 11.1. Competitors 11.1.1. Direct competitors 11.1.2. Indirect competitors 11.1.3. SWOT analysis on competitors 12. Partners
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This means that while 80% of the phone components are still functional, the phone itself is unusable. Over 125 million cell phones are thrown away every year in the U.S. only. While a percentage of old phones are thrown away, more than 500 million phones are laying around in our houses waiting to be thrown away and are usually never used again. This creates a large amount of electronic waste mainly because the components inside the cell phones contain toxic metals like: metals lead, cadmium, beryllium which can affect the environment and potentially our health. placed with another, slightly better, model. Dave Hakkens plans to change this short-term way of thinking about gadgets. His idea, Phonebloks created quite a buzz in the tech world a few months back. Many considered it as the next logical step in the smartphone revolution and wondered if it will become more than a prototype. 2. Company background ave Hakkens is a Dutch Industrial Designer with a simple goal: “try to make the world better by making things”. In 2012 he graduated Cum Laude at the Design Academy and prior to that, Excellent at Sintlucas.

Mobile phones are devices that are built in factories using precise

like: Plug Book – the hidden multiple socket, the Rubble Floor – recycling the old materials from an old building and use them to build a new one – and many more concepts and ideas. Phonebloks, which is Dave Hakken’s most known