C228-Community Health Nursing-Task 1

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C228-Community Health Nursing-Task 1

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Identification of Community
Along the northern-end of Utah’s Wasatch Front is a scenic region of land known as Weber County. This county ranges from the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains into a portion of the Great Salt Lake of the lower valley. The Weber and Ogden rivers and their tributaries run through its valleys (Weber County, 2015). Weber County is the second smallest county in land mass and has the fourth largest population in the state. County population in 2012 was 236,000 (94% urban, 6% rural), comprised of the communities of Ogden, Farr West, Harrisville, Hooper, Huntsville, Marriot-Slaterville, North Ogden, Plain City, Pleasant View, Riverdale, Roy, South
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Weber County’s population rate in 2013 was estimated to be 238,519 (United States Census, 2015). The United States Census Quick Facts depicts Weber County’s population as roughly 77.4% white, 17.4% Latino or Hispanic, 1.6% Black or African American, 1.5% Asian, 1.2% American Indian or Alaska Native and 0.3% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (United States Census, 2015). The Births per 1000 population in Weber County average 19.3% with a Death rate per 1000 residents of 6.8% with 5.8% infant deaths per 1000 live births (Weber County, Utah, 2013). The County poverty level in 2009 was 12.5% of that 9.7% White Non-Hispanic residents, 24.5% for Hispanic or Latino residents. Ogden City’s poverty level 23.4% (Ogden City, Utah, 2015). This is above the state poverty level of 11.5% (Weber County, Utah, 2013). 2009 statistics for Weber County cite 11, 715 current college students, 85.0% of residents 25 years of age and older with high school degree or higher, 19.9% with a bachelor’s degree or higher and 7.0% having a graduate degree (Weber County, Utah, 2013). Unemployment rates continue to decline as new industry and jobs continue to come into the area, boosting the economy. Unemployment rate as of July 2014 was 4.5% (Weber e.d.p., 2014). Weber County Annual Assessment Summary 2014 Report ranked the top five employment