Henry's Daughters

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Engineering Ethics

Questions 1 & 2:

The film Henry’s daughters covers a wide range of ethical issues that can be experienced in and out of the work environment. The following are a list of ethical issues witnessed in this film in order of importance (highest to lowest). 1. The sexual harassment issue experienced by Julie from her co-worker, as well as the “ogling” she faced 2. Henry using favors to influence decision-making to benefit himself without consideration of external parties involved, including both his daughters. He should be thinking as a father first and foremost rather than a businessman. 3. Intellectual property sharing issues between family and friends- Laura and Julie, as they live together, do not avoid
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iii. It is believed that the best source of guidance for Henry pertaining to the matters discussed above is the unwritten moral code that binds engineers. Henry has an obligation to uphold this code in his actions, and by referring to it, would realize that many of his actions are wrong.
It is believed that in this case Henry uses his daughters for his personal gain. Although there is no specific code on ‘how to be a good father,’ Henry should be looking out for his daughters best interests.

b. Laura’s Perspective iv. One major ethical issue which surrounds Laura (and Julie as well) is the fact that she is living with her sister, who is a member of the opposing team. Without realizing it, Laura’s actions are a conflict of interest as she lets prprietry information slip while discussing her workday with Julie. Laura should NOT discuss any project information with her sister, especially because they are on opposite teams
Further, at some point during the competition, Laura had a feeling that the competition was not fair. However, she did not act upon this feeling- this is considered an ethical issue because her not acting, solidifies her contribution to the rigged competition. v. Firstly, Laura should have created some separation with her sister; if separate living


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