Wgu C212 Marketing Vvt2 Task 1

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EdgeMark New Services and Marketing

Marketing C212

February 2nd, 2015

EdgeMark New Services and Marketing

EdgeMark Cinemas are a chain of movie theaters located in 37 states with 475 theaters in those states covering the west coast, east coast, and Midwest. EdgeMark’s profits, like other cinemas, have been in a small but constant decline over the last 12 years. Industry Wide Average of 2.05% ticket sales decline per year for the last 12 years also, when adjusted for inflation, revenue has dropped an average of 1% a year for the past 12 years (Domestic Movie Theatrical Market Summary, 2015). The chain is currently looking to increase ticket sales, loyal customers, and profits by adding additional products and services.
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Using social media for this purpose will have an added advertising and marketing benefit as well.
Marketing Channels To market the new services it is recommended to use a multi-prong advertising approach by using ticket stubs flyers, in-theater flyers, pre-movie comercials, commercials ran through television and social media. The primary mode of advertising will be social media. Social media advertising will include voting platforms for special screenings as well as special discounts for premium membership and special viewing that can be obtained only through social media. The main venue for social media advertising will be through Facebook as it is the most popular social media platform in the country with a a majority 56.5% share of site visits (Most popular social media websites in the United States in December 2014, n.d.). These channels of advertising where chosen because the seek to target both current movie goers (primary) and previous dedicated movie goers that lost interest due to lines and related unpleasant movie theater experiences. Frequent movie goers age ranges fall within 18-39 (source cite: