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Title of Assignment: Porcini's Pronto
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Porcini’s Pronto plans to open and serve interstate highway travelers, offering them a limited menu at moderate prices. In establishing brand power, the company has a limited capital and access to prime locations. In this regard, it would be difficult to launch a power brand position and stimulate growth. A choice between two models of ownership, franchising or syndication, may likely propel the brand. Integrating every aspect would be the challenge. Service quality and food quality must be consistent with the company’s reputation for excellent food. Pricing, branding, and location must convey their high service standards. By the end of the campaign, the performance has to at least meet 6% of the company’s hurdle rate (Heskett & Luecke, 2011). To achieve this, focusing on establishing quality is seen as the primary course of action.

Background Porcini’s Pronto is an exploration to leverage the Porcini brand and operations. It was conceptualized in 2010. The stores are strategically located on interstate highway exits in hopes of capturing travelers who value quality food and service. Also, the areas were situated away from other direct competitors such as Olive Garden and Sbarro (Heskett & Luecke, 2011). In doing this, the Porcini brand has a greater chance of becoming widely recognized. On Pronto’s food and service quality, Chef Molise was tasked to develop the menu that would be less extensive and