Sales Presentation Example

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Sales Presentation
Our product is known as Sharon’s Lollies (lollipops). We have a variety of different lollipops all with their own multitude of flavors. Our prospecting methods are cold calling, direct mail, & using our business website. Sharon’s Lollies is the only lollipop manufacturing/distributing company in American Samoa. It is fairly new and very promising. This sales call is an initial sales call to try and start multiple business relationships with different retailers and wholesalers who are interested in selling lollipops.
Customer Profile And Planning Sheet:
1. Shalhout & Sons Retail
P.O. Box 4761
Pago Pago, AS 96799 Business Type: Retail
Buyer: Mr. Said Shalhout (Owner)
2. TMC Wholesale P.O. Box
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We also have a 100% money back guarantee if our customers are not satisfied with the products supplied to them.
Our target customers are retail stores and wholesales. Our customers are basically the ones who supply major grocery stores and super markets with food items and more. All of these businesses are located within American Samoa and are of small size. We here at Sharon’s Lollies give nothing but the best quality lollipops and are always ahead in technology for our company. As of the moment our prices are set but negotiable. We will discuss prices later on in our presentation.
Our only competition is major companies that are off-island such as Tootsie Pops and Charms Blow Pops. Both companies are located in the states far away from the island of American Samoa. They most likely will compete against our small company for American Samoa’s business/ Our company has two advantages though. Being that we are already located on the island, no expensive shipping costs will have to be made and potential customers will save money. Secondly, we pride ourselves in provided top-quality lollipops for our customers.
Table 1: Competitive Analysis
FACTOR Me Strength Weakness Competitor A Competitor B Importance to Customer
Products Variety of Lollipops X Tootsie Pops (brand name) Blow Pops (brand name) 3
Price $17 a box of lollipops (no shipping costs) X Expensive with and w/out shipping


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