Relevance Of The Communication Cycle For Effective Communication In Management EM

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Relevance of the communication cycle for effective communication in management
The success of any organisation depends on efficient and effective communications, it is important for building and maintaining personal and working relationships within the organisation and with service providers and customers.
The ability to express an idea is well-nigh as important as the idea itself. – American businessman, Bernard Baruch
Effective communications is essential to facilitate effective exchange of information, ideas and effective communication within the company and it is essential to facilitate improvements in the exchange of information between team members and clients. It resolves communication misunderstanding or conflict and creates
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An architect has a design for a prestigious residential development in London and needs some design proposals that meet his design intent. The Architect contacts an APM (Area Project Manager) and this starts the communication cycle as the sender. The Architect Encodes the message telling the APM about the project leaves a message to contact him. The Architect cannot contact the APM directly who is in a meeting but leaves a message on the APM’s voicemail which is the channel part of the cycle. The APM picks up his voicemail and decodes the message, the message has now been understood and this is receiver part of the cycle. Finally, the APM then calls back the Architect and discusses the project, this is the feedback part of the cycle thus completing this communications cycle.
The APM (sender) now contacts the Architect to ask questions about the project (encoding). The APM phones the Architect (channel) listens to the question (decoding) and once understood (receiver) he asks a question about the message from the APM (feedback). This cycle is now a continuous flow of information between the Architect and the APM where both parties are entering into the communications cycle with the goal is to impart all the relevant information that is required to proceed with the project.
Communications in the Technical Office is


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