Rim Case

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Research in Motion:
Managing Explosive Growth

January 20, 2013

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Executive Summary 3 Identification 4 Analysis and evaluation 4 External Analysis 4
Competitive environment 4
PESTE analysis 5
Industry Key Success Factors 6
Five Forces Analysis 7
Implications 8 Internal Analysis 8
Financial Analysis 8
SWOT Analysis 9
Corporate and Functional strategies 10 Discussion of alternatives and key decision criteria 11 Recommendations 14 Action Plan 15 Contingency Plan 15 Appendices 16
Appendix A 16
Appendix B 16
Appendix C 17
Appendix D 17

Executive Summary

Over the past couple of years, Research in Motion (RIM) experienced explosive growth in both its own
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Political and legal environment
Outsourcing R&D functions to developing countries raised legal issues, as source code loss, software piracy, and product imitations were noted concerns. This knowledge leakage poses a potential threat to companies relying on high technology innovation for growth.
Most governments including Canada, the US, Russia and China regulated the import and export of encryption products due to national security issues.
Economic environment
2008’s financial crisis in the United States lent uncertainty to the growth of the Smartphone industry. With the market downturn, investment capital for start-up firms was difficult to obtain. Less disposable income in the consumer market may result in revenue erosion.
Social and cultural environment
The commercial availability of high-speed wireless networks allows the users of mobile devices access to corporate intranet, personal e-mail, and internet at any time anywhere. This has caused a change in the way people communicate with family, work, and friends. More and more people cannot live without a Smartphone as it satisfies the needs for constant social connection.
Technological environment
In light of the dynamic market situation, no technological platform had become the industry standard. In order to


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