Principles of Management (Case Study)

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Help Desk at AMPA Case


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1.0 Analysis Using Motivation Theories 1 1.1 Equity Theory 1 1.2 Expectancy Theory 2
2.0 Criticisms of the Management Functions 3
3.0 Main Problems Defined 4
4.0 References 5
5.0 Appendices 7 5.1 Appendix 1: SWOT Analysis 7

1.0 Analysis Using Motivation Theories

1.1 Equity Theory

The Equity Theory states that people assess how fairly they have been treated according to two key factors: outcomes and inputs. (Batemen, Snell, 2007) In this case study, Brian is an employee of AMPA and is appointed as the unofficial Help Desk coordinator, however it is clear that there seems to be a lot of inequity in the workplace. Brian was
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However the same cannot be said about the other staffs at AMPA who habitually rely on Brain as their “go-to” man for help.

2.0 Criticisms of the Management Functions


In AMPA, planning is essential as it focuses on setting organizational goals and objectives in an organization (Decenzo, Robbins, 2007). However employees in AMPA were not given set goals to achieve or follow because Trevor as their direct line manager displays poor planning and decisional skills due to his lack of technical prowess in I.T.. (Leslie, Byars, 2000) echoes this statement that managers without proper planning and skills are not able to lead and direct employees with full confidence to perform a task with ease.


Organising is the process of assigning the tasks developed under the planning function to various individuals or groups within the organization. (Certo, 2003). Trevor was not delegating tasks in an organised and fair manner as he expected Brian to single handedly undertake various new tasks while still coping with his original duties at Help Desk. In order to achieve a common goal employees have to work together, as noted by (Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz, Fitzgerald, 2006). However Trevor did not divide the tasks equally among other employees and took advantage of Brian’s capabilities.


When managers are directing and motivating all


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