Bmw Films: Case Study

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Problem Statement
BMW is A German automotive manufacturer with sales in Europe, Germany and US Markets. In the late 1980’s, BMW looked for ways to redefine itself to American car buyers, and to ultimately build the well-regarded company into an iconic brand with an increased market share in North America. The answer came through the marketing department in the form of BMW Films, a cutting-edge marketing strategy that redefined the relationship between product advertising and creative media. The Film approach also led to impressive bottom line results and a redefined the company’s brand image.
Nearly a decade later, the firm struggles to build on the success established by BMW Films. The company’s ultimate goal is to continue
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Their friends are like themselves in interests, income and education level. Therefore positioning the car to this broad range of purchasers improves the recognition and reputation of the car to an individual consumer. Advertise the films and BMW in general within neighborhoods that are trendy like “Uptown” in Minneapolis or “West Hollywood” in LA, “SOHO” in New York. Get the
• Customers are bored of the commercials that show a BMW going down the highway while an announcer lists handling, safety and price information. Customers liked the subtle advertising of the films because the performance, feel and personality of the car were made evident without the traditional sales script. Customers expect BMW to continue to engage them in learning about the car, while respecting their intelligence.
2. The BMW films campaign changed the marketing from a push to a pull strategy. The next marketing campaign must easily allow consumers to “drive’ into the brand. The campaign needs to provide easy opportunities for potential customers to learn more about which BMW is right for them.
• The films engaged the viewer in learning more about the plot and the characters. The easiest character to learn more about is the car. In this way BMW found a marketing tool to compel potential customers in learning more about the car. The website provides an appropriate tool for customers to learn about how the car and complement their own lives.


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