Ankle Sprain

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An Ankle Sprain of a Female Colligate Basketball Player

Objective: To introduce a case study about a mild ankle sprain.

Background: The most common way to sprain an ankle in basketball is to step on someone else’s foot, or to plant and to turn the wrong way.

Differential Diagnosis: Could be an injury to the deltoid ligament, CF, or the ATF ligament.

Treatment: Ice, High volt, Theraband, Towel scrunches, Towel stretches, Whirlpool

Conclusion: Rehab will help her get her strength back in her ankle as long she continues to work hard.

Keywords: Ankle sprain, High volt, Medial and Lateral Malleolus

Objective The ankle joint is the most commonly injured part of the lower leg. It happens from an unusual twisting action
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Eventually the player was either on the bike or the stair stepper for 10 minutes a day. After the bike she was moved to the shuttle press with four cords, and three sets of ten, after the shuttle she did calf raises. The farther she progressed, the whirlpool was introduced, and both hot and cold water. Two set of tens, in all four directions using Therband was the next step of treatment; ultrasound was done to help break up scar tissue that had started to form. As her ROM improved along with other tests, she was moving closer to the return to play phase. The return to play phase this is when functional test and sport specific drill can be started. Functional testing is important along with continuing with other exercises and modalities. She moved to three set of fifteen with a Therband in all direction, hot pack assisted with high volt was added. Following the Therband the shuttle with the dynadisc, doing three set of fifteen along with four cords, she also did towel scrunches five times; wobble board, marbles and exercise. ROM exercise was done to increase plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

Differential Diagnosis There are many kinds of ankle injuries that can be present in variety of ways. The calcaneocuboid joint injury is a kind of inversion ankle sprain that involves the ligament overlying that joint. Which cause immediate swelling, pain and tenderness to the touch? The pain is


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