Review Questions: Chapter 1

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Review Questions: Chapter 1

1.1. Define the following terms: data, database, DBMS, database system, database catalog, program-data independence, user view, DBA, end user, canned transaction, deductive database system, persistent object, meta-data, and transaction-processing application.

• Data – known facts that can be recorded and that have implicit meaning.
• Database – a collection of related data with an implicit meaning.
• DBMS – a collection of programs that enables users to create and maintain a database
• Database system – not only contains the database itself bit also a complete definition or description of the database structure and constrains.
• Database catalog – the information about the database
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1.3. Discuss the main characteristics of the database approach and how it differs from traditional file systems.

Databases store electronic representations of data, but traditional file systems generally store paper with data written on it. In a traditional file system a file folder is the the way records are grouped, but in a database records are indexed in many ways, both by "file folder" and by record or data field. With relational database approaches relationships can be established between data in records and new records can be created from crossing files and even databases.

1.4. What are the responsibilities of the DBA and the database designers?

The role includes the development and design of database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. They may also plan, co-ordinate and implement security measures to safeguard the database.

1.5. What are the different types of database end users? Discuss the main activities of each.

• End User
• Database Admin
• Database Designer
• System Analysts and Programmers
• System Administrator

1.6. Discuss the capabilities that should be provided by a DBMS.

• Controlling redundancy
• Restricting unauthorized access
• Providing persistent storage for program objects
• Providing storage structures


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