History of Special Education Law

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History of Special Education Law
Grand Canyon University
Special Education Litigation and Law
Virginia Murray
August 11, 2013

History of Special Education Law
Throughout the ages, people with disabilities have been hidden away at homes or institutions and were often not educated. This was common practice and as such, when the education system was designed, children with disabilities were not even considered. Then, starting soon after the civil rights movement in the 50’s, a series of lawsuits was brought against school boards and the federal government took notice. Then the Education for all Handicapped Children Act of 1975 was passed and these children were finally allowed the education they deserved. As time went
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With the passing of these acts, many changes happened in the field of education. Nearly all students are being educated in mainstream classes using integration (US Department of Education, 2007). This is an incredible change in the last few years. Disabled children are being placed in mainstream classes to learn with their peers. It works on many levels for both students with exceptionalities and mainstream students. Students with exceptionalities have been graduating high school and becoming employed at much higher rates since the implementation of IDEA and its previous incarnation (US Department of Education, 2007). In fact, the employment rates are twice that of people with similar disabilities and no services from IDEA (US Department of Education, 2007). Post-secondary enrollment has also increased since the implementation of IDEA.
Schools are now required to provide services to these students by law. This has changed the face of education over the last few decades. Once identified, students are entitled to services provided free of charge to the families (Osborne Jr. & Russo, 2007). Schools and teachers must provide the students with accommodations. If the regulations are not met by a school, they can be charged with noncompliance.
Over the years, school aged children have had many changes and their futures are bright. Students now have access to a free


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