Guide to Unix Using Linux Fourth Edition Chapter 1 Review Question Solutions

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Guide to UNIX Using Linux Fourth Edition Chapter 1 Solutions

Answers to the Chapter 1 Review Questions

1. Your boss drops by your office in a hurry to ask you to attend a meeting at 10:30 on Friday morning and you can’t find a pen to make a note as a reminder. What Linux command can you use to make a quick note to store in a file called Meeting? Answer: b. cat > Meeting

2. Before you make the note in Question 1, you decide to determine Friday’s date, so that you can include it in your note. What Linux command can you use to quickly determine the Friday’s date? Answer: a. cal

3. While you are typing a command, you misspell the name of a file you want to specify with the command. Which of the following
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Project 1-2

This project enables students to access a remote UNIX/Linux computer using ssh from a terminal window.

After students complete this project, consider holding a discussion about the merits of using Telnet versus SSH. Or ask students to use both tools and to write a short paper comparing them.

Project 1-3

Students practice using the date command. In the process of completing this project, they learn what happens when a command is typed in the wrong case.

Project 1-4 . This project enables students to explore the value of the cal command.

In Step 1, students should report that they see a calendar for the current month.

In Step 2, a Julian calendar is displayed for each month of the year 2009.

Project 1-5

In this project, students experiment with the who command. In the process, they also learn to use two options at the same time with the command.

In Step 7, the name, line, time logged on and comment are shown for the user currently logged on.

Project 1-6

This is a simple project in which students focus on clearing a cluttered screen by using the clear command.

Project 1-7

In this project, students learn to use the man program and then the whatis command to learn more about specific commands and programs. Make certain the database for whatis is created before students begin. To create the database, log on to