Course Phed-1106-Py1 Walking and Fitness

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Course PHED-1106-PY1 Walking and Fitness
Test Midterm
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Question 1
2 out of 2 points Who is responsible for a person's level of physical fitness?
Selected Answer: c. the individual
Question 2
2 out of 2 points Side stitches are usually common among which group:
Selected Answer: 2. the beginner to exercise
Question 3
2 out of 2 points Resting heart rate_____ with exercise.
Selected Answer: b. decreases
Question 4
0 out of 2 points The energy system for muscle contraction during the first few seconds of exercise is the:
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Question 23
2 out of 2 points 5. Low- back pain is associated primarily with
Selected Answer: 3. c. Both a & b are correct
Question 24
2 out of 2 points The ability of a muscle to exert less than maximal force repeatedly over a period of time is defined as
Selected Answer: b. muscular endurance
Question 25
2 out of 2 points 3. Flexibility is defined as
Selected Answer: 1. a. Moving a joint through its full range of motion
Question 26
2 out of 2 points Weight training, resistance bands, and abdominal exercises are all examples of:
Selected Answer: a. anaerobic exercise
Question 27
2 out of 2 points The general recommendation for fitness is to take _____ steps each day.
Selected Answer: d. 10,000
Question 28
2 out of 2 points Walking is an example of:
Selected Answer: d. low to moderate intensity, aerobic activity
Question 29
2 out of 2 points Max V02 with cardio respiratory training.
Selected Answer: a. increases
Question 30
0 out of 2 points Slow sustained stretches which places the muscles in a lengthened position and is held for several seconds are called:
Selected Answer: d. PNF stretching
Question 31
0 out of 2 points A strength-training program will improve
Selected Answer: a. cardiovascular endurance and lean muscle mass