Report on Recruitment and Selection Processes

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Assessment Task 2: Recruitment and selection policy and procedures

Healthcare United is an organisation that endeavours to employ the best healthcare professionals. They aim to be the number one Healthcare professionals in Australia, currently employs 1500 Healthcare professionals in VIC and NSW and they wish to widen their operation and open another office in Hobart. Comparing the newly developed 2012 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation, I have identified some basic problems still existing in the 2012 recruitment and selection guidelines. Through a detailed analysis on the recruitment and selection procedure, Healthcare United can improve the procedures and the overall process.
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Qualifications required
Skills, knowledge, attributes and experience
WHS requirements
Terms and conditions
Advertisement does not have a timeframe however the whole process needs to be completed in 2 – 3 weeks, maximum. But in Healthcare United’s 2007 policy, position must be advertised internally and externally for 10 working days. It is contrary to 2012 as in 2007 all positions were firstly advertised internally for a minimum of ten working days and then will be advertised externally for another 10 working days. The 2007 procedure is too long. There is no mention to comply with the anti-discrimination legislation mentioned in either policy?
The 2012 policy states the managers will conduct most of this work? With the support of HR department, processes need to be clear on who is responsible for each process of the selection process? In the 2007 Guideline the HR department did the shortlisting and reading of all of the applicants, after a shortlist has been complied I think they then should be sent to the manager to decide who he/she would like to interview for the position. The internal applicants will go through the same application procedure as per EEO legislation.
Administration staff to collate all resumes and give to managers.
Managers to read and screen each external and internal application and divide them into ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ piles and decide on the shortlist


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