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Resourcing Talent (3RTO)
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Identify and assess at least 4 factors that affect an organization’s approach to attracting talent.

Market Demand/Supply for Talent:
Depending on the nature of the business, organizations will require various sets of talents (skill, knowledge and capabilities) that contribute towards the their growth and success. Markets in general have high supply of some talents and low of others. Based on the talent requirement of the organization and the market in which it operates, it will have to alter its approach towards attracting the required talent. This may involve adjusting factors like remuneration, long & short-term benefits, career prospects, trainings, etc.

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Therefore, interviewing remains the most popular method of selecting the candidate.

This is method to assess the skills of the candidate in a structured and consistent manner and compare it against the skills necessary to do the job. Assessments results are usually quantifiable and can help in maintaining consistency in the selection process. It is also a very strong record/evidence in case of any allegation against the company’s selection process.

Explain at least 3 purposes of induction and how they benefit the individuals and organization.

Effective Induction is a critical HR process for an organization and it is crucial that they get it right for their short and long term success. New employees who have undergone an effective induction programme are likely to be competent performers at their jobs more quickly than those whose induction was scanty or non-existent. Every organization has different approaches & time frames for their induction progrmmes. However, most of the companies believe that the induction process begins as soon as an applicant signs the employment offer.

Induction is an opportunity for the organization to create a strong first impression. Some of the benefits of induction for individual and organization are:

Helps in reducing anxieties of new employees.
Individual employees feel accepted within the organization.
Reduces the stress of unfamiliarity with the new work


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