Report on Talent Planning

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Centre: City College Brighton
Title of unit Resourcing talent
Unit No 3 RTO
Level Foundation
Credit value 6
Assessment method Written, Observation

Activity 1:

Report on Talent Planning
• An organisations approach to attracting Talent
• Benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
• Factors affecting the approach to recruitment and selection
• Recruitment and Selection methods
• The importance and benefits of Induction training


This reports sets out to explain current Talent Planning strategies used by organisations in their Recruitment and Selection campaigns, in particular; factors
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A larger budget will allow for more accurate testing, but time is also key. Again, if the role needs to be filled more urgently, there may not be the time for rigorous testing, but it is important to ensure all candidates are treated the same and put through the same process as each other.
Recruitment and Selection methods
Organisations may choose to recruit internally, through and agency or through employee referrals. One of the benefits of recruiting internally is promoting internal growth and development, as well as getting a candidate with experience within the organisation that will fit in much faster than someone new to the company. By using a recruitment agency however, an organisation has the opportunity to attract a much larger audience, and the use of the agencies existing list of potential candidates. They are more likely to get a higher level of response, as well as more exposure. The method of recruiting through employee referrals also builds on an organisations employee engagement. It will make them feel more part of the process and supporting the organisations growth. It means they should only receive applications from recommended candidates, from employees who understand what the businesses needs are, and are able to make a first decision on if they know someone who would be suitable.
There are also many selection methods companies may choose to use, including but not limited to face to face interviews, assessment centres and


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