Quantitative Research

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NRS433V, Conwell, Critique 1

Critique of a Quantitative Research Paper
Researching lived experience in health care: Significance for care ethics
Linda Conwell, RN
Grand Canyon University
NRS 433V
Sonya Williams, RN, MSN
March 27, 2011

NRS433V, Conwell, Critique 2
Existing studies indicate nurses’ use of research in their practice, i.e., evidence based practice; however, little evidence is available as to the extent to which nurses utilize the available research in their practice The stated objective of the study was “to systematically identify and analyze the available evidence related to the extent to which nurses use research in clinical practice and contribute to the body of
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Literature review
Biases and potential areas where inaccurate data or results from reviewed articles might have occurred was noted and explained. The authors also note, explain, and expanded on the validity of scoring tools used, indicating possible areas of unquantifiable data results.
Examples were provided to indicate validity of studies used and to clarify meaning and feasibility of scoring materials used. Further explanations were given to enhance understanding of terminology used and to also indicate areas where misunderstanding of terms used could affect reliability of statements reported by participants.
The authors provide information on the articles used to illustrate concerns of the disparities, limitations and reliability of data collected. They provide definitions and examples which support their concerns regarding validity and reliability of nurses statements relating to the amount of research used in their practice. This is evidenced by the definition of, “research utilization” by Eastbrook, et.al. (2003) as cited in the discussion, as being “that process by which specific research-based knowledge (science) is implemented in practice.” Other definitions of research utilization were also addressed.
“Research-practice gap” the lag that exists between publication and adoption of research findings (Bostrom and Wise 1994) as cited in discussion, defines the


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