Quantitative Research.

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Statement 1
Proverbs 25:2 says,"It is the glory of God to conseal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out. " Qualitative research focuses on deeper issues and asked the questions of how, when and why people do things. Quantitative research behaves in a quantified since and assigns numerical values to responses and measure statics. With this said Proverbs, the bible verse, supports that research methods can be Godly. I interpret that verse as meaning that it is important to know and confirm in your mind that you know something, but it is better to research the topic in a biblical since rather thas a secular or worldly since. the glory of kings is researching and becomeing stronger on a topic. Pshycologists often study
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In situations in which deception may be ethically justifiable to maximize benefits and minimize harm, psychologists have a serious obligation to consider the need for, the possible consequences of, and their responsibility to correct any resulting mistrust or other harmful effects that arise from the use of such techniques." (Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct 2010)
I found This bible verse to relate really well with the integrity aspect of the code of conduct. Psychologists are looked up too and people meet with them for many reasons. Most people go to them for direction and/or guidance in there lives. Psycologists hacve to be honest and truley care about others. They are to have good motives and care about Gods people with there heart. Integrity is a huge trait they need to have. They made alot of commitments to there clients and promises as well. It is important for them to keep honesty and take care of the people they work with.

What is Case Study?
A Case study is a form of qualitative descriptive research. It is used to research individuals and small or large groups. It goes very in depth with whatever is being evaluated. It asks some specific questions like how the research object is being used, the characteristics of all the people around it, and the nature of its community. It looks for the motives, values, attitudes, and cultural norms. When looking to answer a how or why question, case studies


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