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Reflective Report: An analysis of Everest Simulations | Evaluating experiences | Joey Lai z3332966 |

Executive Summary:
This report is a reflection of the experiences of the two Everest Simulations, examining and analysing the individual’s actions and their role and the impact it has on the group. The discussion then incorporates theories of communication, leadership and organisational structure to compare and critically analyse the results of the simulations and determine the overall success of the team. The report will also analyse the changes and evaluate the impact past experience had on the decisions and results on the second simulation. Further the processes of interaction will be evaluated to determine its effectiveness,
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The preparation itself required discussion and comprise, in finding a suitable time to conduct the simulation because we collaboratively concluded it would be more effective to conduct the simulation face-to-face. Communication at this point was clear and thorough.

2.1 Delegation of roles
Each individual was assigned a role with personal goals and attached to these roles were mutual group expectations. The team-leader was assumed the role of the organiser on the basis of perception where leaders are inherently associated with coordinating. Such implications suggest that perceptions of team skills and expectations were determined by their “status” or assigned roles (Karakowsky, McBey & Chuang 2004). As the physician I was expected to administer specific medical supplies- there was a preconception I would have knowledge what to administer (aspirin, inhaler or blood-pressure monitor) at the appropriate times. However, these roles did not reflect the individual’s expertise as they were assigned and thus partially reducing our expectations. Nonetheless, the individuals’ self-concepts prompts self-confirming behaviours (Beyer and Bowden, 1997) for an example, the team leader naturally


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