Health Care Issues in the United States

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Assignment #1 – Health Care Issues in the United States
July 17, 2011

Because the United States spends the most on a health care system, one would think that most people in the U.S. would be healthy. This is not the case. Surprisingly, the United States does not have a particularly high life expectancy rate. Within this paper I will discuss heath issues in the United States including how heath effects behavior, economics, and social structure. I will also include key stages of medical technology development and population demographics.
Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure. Statistical data and reports show social behavior, economic status, and social structure are important determinants of
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Once a technology is introduced, the insurance company will receive a request from the developers of the technology asking to include it as a reimbursable service. Without this approval, providers would not be able to obtain payment for the new technology even though it may have been approved by the FDA (Williams & Torrens, 2010)p.71. The last stage of medical technology is review by purchasers, clinicians, and consumers. According to Williams and Torrens, clinicians are the most important end user because they determine how patients will be treated. For example, if a nurse or physician sees the benefit in using a new technology then that technology will be purchased and utilized (Williams & Torrens, 2010)p. 79. Individual purchasers and consumers have also become very relevant in recent years due to an increased level of information available in the media. and networks.
Describe the major trends in population demographics over the past 80 years Over the past 80 years the United States population has grown . This growth is a result of two principal factors, rate of natural increase attributable to the higher number of births as compared to deaths and the increase in population attributable to net in-migration (Williams & Torrens, 2010)p55. Another important trend is the aging of the population. Typically, the average American is getting older and is living much longer than in


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