Personal and Ethical Belief System

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Personal Ethical Belief System and Professional Ethics
Cherissa Boyd
BSHS - 332 University of Phoenix
August 15, 2011
David Elkins

Personal Ethical Belief System and Professional Ethics
In the profession of human services, every professional will at some point, include his or her personal ethical standards into his or her work with clients. My personal ethics are a huge part of who I am today, and these beliefs affect every decision I make whether it is personal or professional. I believe a person’s life experiences are what shape his or her personal ethical belief system and professional ethics. A person’s morals determine what is right and what is wrong in his or her life. Everyone is responsible for his or her actions whether
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I grew up calling her a Black Widow because she treated me so badly. She would easily get people caught up in her web of chaos and abuse. She used to comb my hair when I was young, and while she did this, she would beat me with the brush to make me turn my head the way she wanted. Instead of asking me to turn a certain way, she would hit me and make me cry, and then jerk my head with force. I suffered from so much pain when she would finish combing my hair. This totally changed my attitude and behaviors toward getting my hair done and toward her. Then she would take my sister, two brothers, and me, and beat our knuckles to make us play school with her. Somehow, she was always the teacher! If we did not do as she instructed, she would give us a fail and give the report card to my mother. My mother would in turn beat us for not cooperating with my sister. My sister would always laugh like a crazy person when my mother whipped us. She was evil! This was very cruel punishment, and it made me care more for the safety and well-being of other people. I believe that no child should suffer from this type of cruel punishment, and my mother should have protected me from these behaviors.
These experiences and traumas from my past are why I want to help others succeed in life, and it gives me the passion and drive to want to work in the human services field. After experiencing these and other behaviors, I ran away from home and lived on the streets of Los


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