Expanded Comparison Matrix Paper

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Expanded Comparison Matrix Paper
Amy R. Rhone
Grand Canyon University: RES 811 – Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship
July 9, 2012
The three articles used for this comparison matrix looked at transformational leadership and how it affects those in relation to each study. The three articles were all written with a different purpose in mind, with all three correlating to the same hypothesis, “How does transformational leadership affect employees/individuals in different settings?” With similarities found in topic, it was also evident that there were several contrasting variables within each article. The three empirical articles that were utilized for this comparison were as follows: Transformational Leadership in
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On a personal note, I found it interesting that the effect of transformational leadership or laissez-faire leadership style by a male principal rendered very little in terms of having higher student achievement. Also, an interesting point in this research is that it seems that the effects of transformational leadership when employed by a female principal do not result in the same effect as it does for male principals. A leadership style that could be gender specific seems to be flawed.
Conclusions and Recommendations for Further Research In conclusion, all three articles had specific identifiers that allowed for a complete examination of the researcher’s purpose. From the purpose, the hypothesis was formed. From the sample population and the different methods of inquiry to answer the questions being hypothesized, there were some limitations identified. From these limitations and other factors, there were some other areas that I would recommend. It would be interesting to know more about the transformational leadership characteristics that were seen and used in article one. With a concluding sentence of, “Our research findings for transformational leadership, taken together with other recent research, makes the case that structural constraints


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