Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities

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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Assignment
Mishawna Washington
Grand Canyon University: PCN 505
July 31, 2013

Counselor Values On the issue of abortion with the 19-year old rape victim, I feel that she has a right to choose whether or not to go through with the abortion. As her counselor I have to put my personal feelings aside and help her to make the best decision for herself. My client is firm in her plans to have the abortion and since she is an adult her parents have no legal right to make her change her mind. I am unable to convince the parents to change their minds as they are not my clients and I have no input in how they feel. According to the ACA (2005) I must be sensitive to the family’s cultural beliefs and in the
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The client tells you that if the neighbor continues to harass them they are going to teach them a lesson they won’t forget. They client is not specific about what the lesson will entail. You are aware of the fact that the client does possess a handgun and keeps it locked in a cabinet in his home. In this situation the counselor would have to make the decision of whether to let the local police know about this situation or probe further to determine if the client means to physically harm their neighbor or end his life. Another scenario is a client telling you that he feels that his 5-year-old niece’s father may be sexually abusing her. The client does not have any proof except that he noticed that his niece’s behavior has changed drastically and she appears to be afraid of being alone with her father. The niece has advised the client that she hurts down there (in her private area) but refuses to tell him anything more. The client has tried to talk to the niece but she is very afraid and refuses to say anything negative about her father. The client is considering bringing the mother in on what he suspects but doesn’t know how to proceed. The counselor in this case does have a duty to protect the child and will need to make


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