Cost Club One

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|Individual |Resource: Scenario One: Cost Club | |13 |
|Scenario One: Cost Club | | | |
| |Consider the facts, issues, questions, and implications of the scenario, found on the student| | |
| |website. | | |
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First I think we need to see what kind of contracts was sign during orientation. If no contract or agreement exist we can first follow the steps of “The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN)” This notification should be given 60 days in advance if we are planning to displace more than 50 employees. If we do not comply with the WARN, employees can recover pay and benefits. As long as we are acting in good faith and not breeching any contracts any legal action could be taken. Reviewing articles to hire temporary workers and independent contractors, these workers are difference from regular employees. Independent contractors are a person who contracts with a principal to perform a task according to her or his own methods, and who o is not under the principal’s control regarding the physical details of the work. A contingent worker is one whose job with an employer is temporary, is sporadic, or differs in any way from the norm of full-time employment. As used by the EEOC, the term “contingent worker” includes those who are hired by an employer through a staffing firm as well as temporary, seasonal, and part-time workers, and those considered to be independent contractors rather than employees (Bennett−Alexander−Hartman; “p” 21, 2007). Hiring employees as independent contractors we have no say on how they produce or complete the work. We would save on not paying taxes, benefits, and any workers compensation.


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