palliative care

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Nursing approach needs to ensure that the focus on death is non-medical.
Palliative care became a recognised and distinct specialty over the past 20 years in Australia. Specialist palliative care nurses are equipped with special skills and qualities that facilitate them to meet the needs of individuals and their families.
In particular, allowing for enhanced care and support that people facing end of life need and as well extending out to the family and communities that support them.
Furthermore, their skills include knowledge on end of life issues, management of pain, and complex symptoms that are part of the advanced terminal illness.
Skills and competencies developed and strengthened over a number of years through interdisciplinary clinical practice and continuing education
Training is founded based on philosophies of palliative care and end-of-life care provision as well as strong foundation in ethics.
Nursing role – specialised, leadership, autonomous, and collaborative approaches
Also provide mentoring and education to other nurses and health care professionals. Role of advocacy is important as well – important for policy at the national and organisational levels.
Importance of collaborative work – and research to improve and advance the


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