Organizational Technology Integration Evaluation Model

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Organizational Technology Integration Evaluation Model
Leopoldo E. Madrigal
University of Phoenix

An organizational technology integration model will be proposed using a specific case in the automotive industry, one that took place in 1998. A consideration to be noted is the potential that the proposed model could had been used successfully at the time of the presented case’s implementation as it may be used today in any situation to assess technology efficiency.
The problems the United States auto industry had during the late 70s and 80s were the lack of discipline, high absenteeism rates, and low morale among employees, all of which resulted in inefficiencies and low quality
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The socio-technical system included the design and implementation of self-directed work groups and a multi-task development program tie to a payment structure, “the people who work in a manufacturing system are the ‘internal customers’, and the system must be designed to satisfy their needs. At the same time, the manufacturing system must produce products that satisfy the needs of the ‘external customers’” (Black, 2007, p. 3643).
The ERP system implementation was viewed as an enabling technology to enhance performance. “ERP systems consist of a number of functional modules such as materials management, production planning, sales and distribution, human resources, and financial accounting. In order to serve the needs of a wide range of companies with different characteristics, ERP systems in general, and these modules in particular, are built on the best practices, which represent the most cost-effective and efficient ways of performing business processes” (Akbulut & Subramanian, 2006, p. 47).
There was an advantage in the way the organization decided to take on this challenge as it was to be set up in a new facility with new management and new people, with it some of the change management issues could be diminished. “Change management is primarily a human resource management issue. This is because implementing new procedures,


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