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Classic studies in psychology are not worthy of the term — all such studies are vastly over-rated. Discuss.

Classic studies are well known in the world and widely discussed by psychologists, journalists, politicians and public (Smith & Haslam, 2012). Being labeled as “classic studies”, the most important feature is that those studies can address fundamental questions of human behavior, for instance, it explains the obedience of human beings and empathy of humanity (Devine & Brodish, 2003). The findings explain the most common phenomenon and always challenged what people assumed about human behaviour and proved with experimental results (Smith & Haslam, 2012). There is no doubt that those studies had a massive contribution to
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Due to the confounding variables (extraneous variable whose will affect the results and fail to reflect the actual relationship between the testing variables under experimental conditions), we cannot generalized that incorrect answers from participants were only because of conformity and ignore others possibilities, such as intelligence and individual differences. Sometimes the studies appear to be facing low validity in which means the experiments is not measure what it is suppose to be measure. In this case, further research should be carried out to compare the measure of the original study, see if there is a positive correlation between the results.
Despite the fact that classic studies have been praise too highly, they given inspiring ideas and stimuli some meaningful researches in the future (Gravetter & Forzano., 2011). The study of Bandura (1961) provides a fundamental support for the social learning theory and how behavior can be learnt through observation and reinforcement. The findings provided important implications for the effects of media and understanding of children’s aggressive behavior. The studies have been replicated many times and further discussing the matter of aggression. For example, Anderson, Benjamin & Bartholow (1998) found that those undergraduate students who were exposed to aggressive words, such as “kill and “fight” had more aggressive thought than those who were exposed to


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