Psychology Theories and Self-Reflection

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Psychology Theories and Self-Reflection

PSYCHOLOGY THEORIES AND SELF-REFLECTION Psychology Theories and Self-Reflection Introduction “Scientific psychology has four basic goals: to describe, explain, predict, and change behaviour and mental processes through the use of scientific methods” (Carpenter & Huffman, 2008, p. 5). The goal of this paper is not to debate the psychological perspectives, but to give a general focus on three of the more dominant psychological theories, by describing and explaining how the theories relate to personal life experiences, which, in turn, will enable the reader to understand the theories in a more practical way. Some questions that may come
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Thoughts determine the view of the world and how an individual will respond (emotions and behaviours) to circumstances that arise in daily life.


PSYCHOLOGY THEORIES AND SELF-REFLECTION My dad, although not a great fisherman, he did enjoy poaching! It was always a worry for my mother and I when he would do this as it was late in the night or early morning while it was still dark when they would take the boat out on the ocean and cast the nets. Late the next evening or early morning they would be out on the ocean again pulling the nets back into the boat to see what the catch for the day was. This time he didn’t come home when he was supposed to... where was he? My mother and I worried together! When he finally did make it home we heard one very scary tale of him being thrown out of the boat, and of course he was not wearing a life-jacket, while he struggled to keep himself afloat with his big rubber boots and heavy fishing gear on the boat was circling him, coming closer and closer to almost killing him; Fear began to swell up inside of me (change in thought processes); I will never go in the ocean again! (The behaviour and emotion that go hand in hand with those thoughts change). I am ten years old!


Ronald was at the lake with his foster family for the weekend, enjoying the weather and happy to be back from a few weeks with his biological parents. The day was so sad, one of my best friends drowned today! He was a


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