How an Understanding of Human Growth and Development Can Assist the Counsellor

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I. Introduction

A. In my essay will explain how an understanding of human growth and development can assist the counsellor in responding to the needs of the client. I have chosen three theories in three different models. My first model is psychodynamic and I will look at Sigmund frauds theory of development. The second model is humanistic and I will be covering Rogers and Maslow. My last model I will cover in this essay is social Erikson’s lifespan development theory. My essay will look at the theories and the application of each theory and I shall explain how an understanding of human growth and development can assist the counsellor in responding to the needs of the client.

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By looking at the blue print of this theory you can see at what stage the client is fixated on and work within the framework.

III. Humanistic, Rogers and Maslow

A. Conditions of worth are based on the assumption that humans are capable of a sense of (self) (ryson). Humans are trustworthy and do pose the ability to understand self and are capable of self direction and growth (Gerald Cory, 2001) if in the right growth setting. There are spersiffic growth setting but are used collectively ,the growth settings are as follows ,congruence, unconditional positive regard and accurate empathy (Gerald corey,20011) there is also the need of reflection from therapist to client, this prompt growth because it is a clarification of thoughts and feeling and behaviour. Reflection is needed only then will a client feel understood and listened to (humanistic theories) an example of this would be a client come in and makes this statement when in therapy:”things are always going wrong for me”. the therapist reflection:”so things haven’t been going as you would like for some time”? Rogers theory is not complex, it is broad in the sense of speech and reflectiveness actualization of each element of life can take a client and therapist any and everywhere in exploration. therapy for a client can varey from brief therapy 1day or 12seshions where by a therapist meets up with a client once a week , or more sessions can be implemented if therapy is not ready


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