Procter & Gamble

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Case Questions
1.Evaluate the wisdom of Tambrands becoming part of Procter & Gamble.
Tambrands becoming part of Procter & Gamble was a wise decision because Tambrands, being that is was a single-product company, would be risky to pursue in a global campaign and to build a global distribution network all at the same time. Tambrands could not continue to be profitable if it were to launch this global marketing program was alone. The decision to become apart of P&G benefited both sides by putting P&G back in the tampon business and Tambrands being able to go international as P&G. P&G has the means that Tambrands needs to go globally. P&G has global marketing, infrastructure, and distribution capabilities that will accelerate the global
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Also, incorporating the current culture with the education into their advertising.
In Cluster 3, the culture resistance that must be overcome are the concerns about losing one's virginity, and the instruction issue where Tambrands must tell women how to use a tampon without making them feel uneasy, Tambrands could provide valuable, valid knowledge about tampons and how to use a tampon to education women provided by female doctors or nurses via free demonstrations and informative lectures. Also, picture or visual instruction with printed instructions could be printed on the tampons box packaging itself. Also, incorporating the current culture with the education into their advertising.
4. In reference to the approaches you identified in Question 3, is there an approach that can be used to reach the goal of “marketing to each cluster in a similar way”?
No, the culture and religious aspect are too different for an approach to work for all three clusters; Different countries have a different way of life, thus there are different cultures, values, interests, and environment.
5. P&G is marketing in Venezuela with its “Mexican” model. Should the company reopen the Brazilian market with the same model? Discuss.
Yes, because the “Mexican”model is based on education and answers the


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