Case Study of a Childs Play and Development

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MODULE TITLE: Therapeutic Playwork CREDIT POINTS: 15 LEVEL: 3 LOCATION: B.A (Hons) Playwork STATUS : Elective

AIMS: This module is addressed to meet the needs of playworkers intending to practice therapeutically and aims to offer insights into a range of techniques used. The core of the module is theoretical, but practice issues will be addressed and techniques explored at a practical level. The module aims to enable intending therapeutic playworkers to make appropriate choices as to methods used and to develop skills in those they prefer.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: On completion of
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In addition to offering a strong theoretical framework, students should offer evidence of discussion with therapeutic practitioners directly, by mail or by email. The psych-couns group on jiscmail may be used for this purpose. The play-therapy group on yahoogroups is equally suitable.

A broad outline of theory to be covered. Play as a healing process - examples from theory and practice 1. Evolutionary psychology first, to examine play cues.

You can only respond to that which you can sense.
Your body has a limited range of responses.
Your brain has a limited range of responses.
Do you have a mind separate or distinct from your brain? Are its responses limited?

Play cues, play frames, temenos, the concept of a metaludic space. Making Play Work as a practice model is explained. Practical work with very young children.

Exercises in non-confrontation, play related engagement, Looking on; parallel play; joining in; simple social play; complex social play

Day 2

Tuesday 9th Feb C210; from 09.30 to 16.30 ish

iGoogle how did it go? Do use the storage space offered. Nearly 8GB is not to be sneezed at even in this day and age of cheap memory. Remember too, it learns as you go along, so searches get easier and more productive. Use the front page flexibly, load up tools that are useful in the short term as well as the long term, then dump them when you no longer need them.


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