Promoting Cognitive Developments

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LASA 1 Promoting Cognitive Developments
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LASA 1 Promoting Cognitive Developments
A good understanding of how children grow, learn, and change is significant as it allows people to accept and appreciate the cognitive, physical, emotional, educational, and social growth that kids undergo from birth through early adulthood.
Piaget is well known for her cognitive developmental theory that sees the kid cognitive development and knowledge, as taking place in different stages. According to his theory, he claims that the child passes through four unique stages of development; Sensorimotor stage (0- 2 years), pre-operational stage (2- 7years), concrete
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Parents can also enhance their kid’s intellectual development by a number of environmental factors (Kenpro, 2010). Parents can give their children stimulating learning experiences and materials early on in their life, talk and read to their kids, and help them explore the world around them. As the kids grow, the parents can challenge and provide needed support to their talents.
Parenting styles influences greatly a child’s cognitive development. The value and beliefs of the parent influences greatly how the kid will comprehend what goes around him or her. Despite the fact that some styles of parenting could be unresponsive to the kid’s needs and demand conformity, other styles encourage academic excellence, independence, maturity and self-confidence (Montessori, 2000). Children need to comprehend the social categories, rules, expectations and roles of their families in order to function well in this social world. Great socialization ensures that when a child considers herself a girl, she tends to develop the necessary behaviors for girls as it is defined by the particular social group. Genetic factors play a huge role in determining the children’s’ growth rate, and also the changes in proportion features of early child development. Lack of sound nutrition, frequent injuries and diseases can decrease the child’s adult stature. Cultural influences also affect greatly the child’s cognitive development. One of the primary


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