Promoting Mental Health

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Promoting Mental Health.

The aim of this assignment will be to demonstrate my interventions designed to promote mental health and well being using current national and local policies and campaigns in relation to the patient’s identified needs as well as evidence based therapeutic interventions. Finally I will evaluate my package reflecting on its success or failure.
In order to gain a better understanding of mental health promotion, it is important to gain a definition of promoting mental health. Rosie Winterton (2006) quotes ‘Mental health promotion is key to changing attitudes about mental health across society. The National framework for mental health (DOH 1999) implemented national standards and service models for promoting mental
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Alongside this drugs..cause a massive surge of dopamine to be released and this extra dopamine leads to the sensation of pleasure, (Creek and Lougher 2008). This contributes to Elizabeth’s low mood since dopamine receptor sites have been either reduced or shut down.
Elizabeth and I both agreed to use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to correct distorted conceptualizations and dysfunctional beliefs underlying her illness. CBT is the only psychological treatment in chronic psychosis with proven durability at short-term follow-up (Gould et al, 2001). Cognitive behavior therapy takes into account not only the symptoms of the illness but also the impact the illness on the individual such as isolation from family and friends, damage to social and working relationships, depression and increased risk of self harm. I discussed CBT in depth with Elizabeth and allowed her to have literature on the subject which she could refer to in her own time. Elizabeth was experiencing hallucinations, I explained how reality testing worked and belief modification. ‘Milton et al. (1987) suggested that belief modification and reality testing are effective strategies in reducing the conviction associated with delusional beliefs. This involves helping clients to question the evidence underlying their beliefs and to set up behavioural experiments to test the reality of the evidence for their beliefs (Chadwick & Lowe, 1990).


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