Assessment Cypop30

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Assessment CYPOP30: Support the creativity of children and young people and understand how creativity promotes well being for children and young people
1.1 Explain evidence, approaches and theories about the benefits of creativity for the well-being of children and young people.
B.F. Skinner, born on March 20th 1904, was an American behavioural psychologist who carried who carried out many experiments based on how behaviour is shaped and that all humans will regurgitate the things they enjoy doing and avoid those they dislike. He understood that creative people will be rewarded positively in order for that person to take an interest in that particular activity and develop further. He based his theories on self-observation,
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This will also benefit a child because it will influence all aspects of development, for example tidying improves their fine and gross motor skills. Furthermore, positive reinforcement will benefit a child’s creative development because it will encourage children to participate in various tasks in the nursery, such as drawing or painting. If they have been positively reinforced by a staff member they will be more inclined to revisit that particular activity, for example if a child uses their imagination whilst drawing a picture, yet an adult is unable to recognise what the child has drawn, we must still encourage the child’s creativity by praising the child and asking them what they have drawn. I would write an observation using the child’s own words and encourage the child by modelling the vocabulary to aid understanding, for example if the child has drawn a person I would ask them “are you going to add a smiley face?” which would help extend the child’s learning and development. In my setting I would encourage new children to adapt to rules and expectations within the nursery because the majority have already learnt the behaviour and discipline policy. For example, if I or my colleagues tell the class to sit down, those who are used to the