5EEG Online Task

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Amelia Davies
5EEG Online Task
What is meant by employee engagement?
The CIPD (2014) factsheet states that Employee Engagement is a concept that ‘is generally seen as an internal state of being – physical, mental and emotional – that brings together earlier concepts of work effort, organisational commitment, job satisfaction and ‘flow’ (or optimal experience)’. An engaged workforce willingly demonstrates discretionary effort within their roles; their goals and values reflect that of their employers/organisation; they express a passion for work, feel valued and that their work has meaning.
To what extent is there employee engagement in your organisation, or an organisation of your choice?
Within my organisation, a specialist
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Employee contribution: employees who experience positive motions at work are more productive; leaders who recognise this benefit and actively promote employee involvement will gain positive results.
The alignment of aims and objectives: a framework is provided where employees can align their own aims objectives and career development plans in line with organisations. Taking this a step further to promote autonomy can drive innovation.
Organisations with high levels of engagement tend to promote a culture where team working, autonomy and an open feedback is prevalent. Employees also work with flexibility and are willing to help and support one another.
Identify and provide details on an organisation that demonstrates the above characteristics.
A CIPD podcast recently highlighted Beaverbrooks, a privately owned family Jewellery firm, as an advocate for nurturing a culture of engagement. In the past 6 year, the company has ranked within the top four in its category in the ‘Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for List’. Engagement levels are consistently high, even among staff who ear as little as 15,000 a year. Mark Addleston, the current CEO, visits visits every store each year, telephones staff who have been promoted offering congratulations and provides long service awards. This reinforces vision and provides opportunities for employee contribution. The’