Bsbwor501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development Assessment 2

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The best way to serve as a role model at workplace is to either have a clear, defined and organised work method and interact successfully with colleagues at all levels. For example a good role model will always organise his work by setting goals, managing time effectively and sharing his personal experience with others, he will also encourage them. Microsoft Outlook - with this software you can manage all tasks such as work projects and family business, it also can be easily looked online by everyone involved in the tasks. It allows to manage tasks and deadlines also. Personal Digital assistant - such as
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They like to try and give new ideas and are good to problem solving. Because of their practical being they usually get things done without wasting time. Reflector are those people who prefer to think about and ponder everything a lot before acting. They are good observers and analysts as they have consideration of every pros and cons in every matter and they never come to a conclusion before having thought about it for a long time. Theorist are good observers who integrate observation into logical thought. They have the ability to analyse problem with rationality and objectivity and then provide logical step by step solutions to the problems.
The benefits of setting goals are multiples. For example it helps you stay focused on your tasks and let you see the “big picture” clearly. It also boosts up your self esteem because you are conscious of your abilities and qualities. It also helps you to decide when to operate changes since goals often can change. This process can be applied by setting some big goals, such as a lifetime goal for example, and then chasing it by setting some other daily goals which are achievable and measurable.
Kinaesthetic which means learning through moving and touching, these people learn better by doing things directly instead of seeing or hearing them. Visual which means learning from reading and writing, these people learn best on the books. Auditory which means learning by listening to