Self-Managed Learning in the Context of Lifelong Learning

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Unit 13 Personal & Professional Development


NatTrainSolns (NTS) a small but influential management training consultancy agency based in City West Industrial Park, Dublin. We deliver professional educational training to both the public and private business sectors. Our mission is to provide targeted training solutions to meet the needs of our clients, operating under the highest ethical standards and treating our stakeholders with respect and acknowledgement for their contributions to the success and furtherance of the company’s mission and goals.

NTS will develop and execute content and training consistent with the most effective trends in self-managed learning to
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Our empiric knowledge indicates that offering monetary incentives to those who conclude the training is a more direct and highly effective motivational measure to be adopted. Considering that Teagasc is a Governmental Organization, however, we realize the public budget is not flexible enough to allow this line of action. Our suggestion in this scenario is motivating through cost-free actions like personal distinctions in notice boards and internal memos, paid days off, etc.

3. Evaluating the benefits of self-managed learning to Teagasc and to its employees.

Guglielmino and Guglielmino (2001) contended that the self-directed learner is the cornerstone of the learning organization. Organisations have the urge to incentive its employees to relearn how to be independent, creative and to work as a part of a team; increasing their overall job performance. To do this people need to develop their ability to learn from experience, to survive in the existing environment and to grow. NTS recognises that this process may be difficult for both the individual and the organisation to manage in the short term and yet we feel that the rewards are likely to far outweigh the costs. We believe Teagasc employees will be likely to be more fulfilled in their jobs and to be more entrepreneurial from the organization


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