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Benjamin Porter
Benjamin Porter
Developing and designing an effective in house e-commerce website for Tony’s Chips.
Developing and designing an effective in house e-commerce website for Tony’s Chips.
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Tony’s Chips has been acquired by a new independent company. The new company’s intention is to focus on the e-commerce website that they have planned. Currently, the old website is externally hosted and it is required to be moved to an internal one. This new system will store, retrieve, and have data recovery solutions for the company. An additional backup site will need to be created
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Apache’s integration of a pearl and PHP engine facilitates easy integration with the application programming interface (Gunter, 2006). Even better, Apache is free. Free is always a good thing when cost is a factor. The event-driven architecture allows Apache to work well under heavy traffic. The disadvantage is that Apache is somewhat difficult for the first time user. The software is complex and there is a steep learning curve. Microsoft’s internet information services is also an option. This web server is already designed to run on the Windows server platform. The upsides to this choice is that it uses a GUI that makes installation and use easier. The downside is that the cost of updating the IIS software is high and the software isn’t as flexible as Linux. Another web server that can be adopted for use in this project is Nginx. This server is easy to use as well as stable. It is also based on an event driven architecture. This architecture makes it an efficient user of system resources even under heavy loads (Tanenbaum, 2001). Nginx’s ease of installation, configuration, and use make it a viable alternative for adoption in Tony’s Chips system. As illustrated, various applications are available for adoption in the project.
Alternatives for the scripting of the system’s server side applications are plentiful. PHP, pearl, ASP, ColdFusion and Java are some of the options available. PHP’s


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