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POS-301: Principles and Articles of the United States Constitution Worksheet

Part I: Principles of the Constitution
The constitution consists of some primary principles. Briefly explain the following principles and their significance in shaping American government.
• Self-Government:
Self- Government is when the people of a country get to create their own rules and doesn’t have outside governments making decisions for them. This helped shape the American government by giving citizens of our country the responsibility to and the right to have a say in the rules that are being created.

• Separation of Powers:
Separation of Powers is when the government shares power between the three branches which are executive, legislative,
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The Executive branch as the power to direct the Government, direct the armed forces, handle powers that are international, Chief of law enforcement officers, and veto laws as well. The people help elect the members of the Executive branch. The powers of the Executive branch come from the head of the state and the head of the Government which is the President. He implements and enforce laws that are created by the congress. The vice President is also a part of the Executive branch because they will take the Presidents place if and when ever necessary. There are fifteen executive departments that are led by those who work with the President. These members help keep the things organized within the federal Government. There are others who help these workers keep the federal Government organized and safe, they are known as the CIA and other agencies who are led by the president. The president which is the Executive branch has the power to sign Legislative laws or veto bills that are created by congress.

2. Describe how these three branches are supposed to interact.
The three branches are supposed to interact through


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