Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care

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This essay seeks to discuss the factors that facilitate change in health and social care. This can be achieved by assessing the challenges that the major factors of change bring using the Care Quality Commission of the Quality Care Commission for the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust (RUHB). The second task aims to evaluate contemporary changes being inaugurated in the provision of health and social care services. In addition to this, a strategy and criteria will be devised in order to measure these recent changes including how the impact of these changes can be measured and evaluated.

1.1 Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services
‘Change’ within an organization sometimes refers to
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Some of these challenges include: behavior of staff and service users, employee and staff resistance, poor executive sponsorship, organizational inertia and politics, limited budget, resources and time and middle management resistance. Changing the behavior of staff in relation to a specific policy can be challenging. For example, despite the policy of the RUHB to respect the privacy, dignity and independence of patients, the CQC report found that the privacy, dignity and independence of patients is not respected in some wards. Changes brought by technology such as use of computers, communication and storing of information, etc. are accompanied by a number of challenges. For example, the use of computers will include the need to have the personnel with computer knowledge and skills. To achieve this, they need to provide training to staff to use ICT facilities with huge financial costs. The change will be challenging if not impossible to implement if the personnel with computer knowledge and skills are not available or inadequate. Limited budget can also be a challenge that comes with change. The timing of the change can also be a challenge. This is due to the fact that the changing process can take too long to move from one stage to another. It is also the case that delay in the changing process may arise as a result of financial drawback, lack of adequate staff to effect change, etc. Funding can also pose as a challenge because


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