Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan
Tara Parker
University of Phoenix
Creating Change within Organizations
Georgetta Baptist
September 02, 2013

Organizational Change Plan
Change is unavoidable. The need for organizational changes is the result of various factors. Changes in all aspects of healthcare in the past and currently are the result of continued decreases in reimbursement, advances in technology, and new or changes in government mandates. The focus in health care has shifted toward disease management, and as a result patients are living longer and requiring more long term and home health services. Advances in technology has led to better informed patients and increased expectations of the health care providers. This
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Learning something new is usually perceived as added work. When a change is perceived as more work for the staff, the staff tends to resist. Health care professionals are often times swamped with work. Many believe that they simply do not have the extra time to learn an entirely new system and implement it immediately. In addition, if employees feel that the new technology adds additional work to their day rather than streamlining the process, many employees will not accept this change.

Factors that might Influence the Change
Communication with all staff is a factor that can influence change. It does not matter if the change is big or small. Any change can be overwhelming if it is not communicated well. It is important to communicate every step of the way with the staff. Need and benefit should be clearly communicated. Just as important is listening to the staff’s feedback. Allowing the staff to voice their concerns and ideas will give them a sense of ownership. The process of implementation should be clearly outlined. Multiple training sessions should be offered to the clinic team and support personnel should be on-site for the “Go Live” period and for a short period afterwards to work through any unforeseen issues. Another factor that can influence change is managerial attitudes and professionalism. Passive resistance will only serve to further create barriers to change within the clinic.

Summary of Factors Influencing


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