C200 Task 1

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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Table of Contents

Organization Overview 3
Organization Description 3
Leadership Practices 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture 5 SWOT Analysis 7
Organizational Strengths 7
Organizational Weaknesses 7
Organizational Opportunities 8
Organizational Threats 8 Leadership Evaluation 9
Leadership Strengths 9
Leadership Weaknesses 10
Recommendations for Leadership Development 11 References 13

Organization Overview

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is a well-known hospital system located in San Antonio, TX. Their key mission is about taking care, in all senses of the phrase, of people. I have selected Claudia
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Applied to the healthcare industry, revenue integrity is the achievement of operational efficiency, compliance, and legitimate reimbursement. Revenue integrity can be achieved only with the proper processes, tools, and related expertise aimed at effectively pricing, charging, and coding for services and supplies related to patient care ("Revenue Integrity in Healthcare", 2010).
Revenue Integrity embraces the entire organization, ensuring that all stakeholders understand their roles and the impact of their work on improved financial performance and patient care. The Revenue Integrity department at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is tasked with ensuring that all of the departments within the hospital are compliant with charges entered correctly as well as in a timely manner and that authorizations are completed in order for a claim to be paid in full. This team is currently comprised of eight people, along with a Claudia, who is the manager and coordinator for Revenue Integrity. Although relatively small, the Revenue Integrity team currently handles emergency room charge entry and revenue discrepancies for two of the four of the hospitals, as well as two of the four standalone emergency facilities. On November 1, 2015, they will be taking on their third hospital within the system, The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, for emergency room charge entry purposes, which currently has double the patient volume of what is currently being handled by that


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