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Organizational Behavior

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Ways of promoting creativity in the workplace 5
Importance of creativity in the work place 9
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Creativity in the work place is an important aspect as it contributes to increased productivity and economic growth in the organization. Organizations are therefore struggling to promote this creativity especially among their employees. Competition in the market is high especially with advanced levels of technologies that are making organizations to provide high quality products and
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Employees will be able to create a coherent entity of the products and services which helps the organization to be more competitive (Robbins, 2009). Creating innovative teams of three to four employees in charge of creating these ideas on a particular topic will promote creativity. These groups are assigned an area that needs improvement through creativity then let them report back to the management or to the entire group so that others can also give their ideas. These teams should be trained and provided with essential tools and resources that will enable them to be creative. It is easy for these teams to influence the other employees through the results they come out with especially when they are impressive. Organizations should therefore encourage the formation of these teams as through such teams; the employees will become more competitive hence promoting the entire organization (Robbins, 2009). Making a suggestion box at the work place helps employees who are shy to give their innovative ideas. Some employers are shy to open up a sensitive topic that may lead to innovative ideas. Through suggestion box, they will be able to bring these ideas because of anonymity. Some employees feel uncomfortable to give their views in public or group, this lack of confidence causes the organization to lose out on important opportunities. It is easy for the


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