Organizational Culture and Costco

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Group 4 Jiaqi Ji, Kai Yang, Yuju Chien, Longyi Han, Uthum Kurukulasooriya – Wednesday section 24
Abstract 2 Introduction 2 Cultural context 3 Organizational Culture 4 Affects of Organizational Culture 8 Team 4 Group dynamics 10 Bibliography 12


We chose Costco for our term paper because of the high opinion each of us had towards it. We are all a part of the Costco generation; it is a household name and we look to it as one of life’s necessities. Furthermore we have all had positive experiences there; no one can beat Costco’s prices and its quality. What will we do without Costco? It’s an unimaginable thought. Given all of this we believed that it would be rather interesting to investigate the root
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Sinegal made it a company-wide policy to get management to be deeply involved with Costco's employees in many different ways, this primarily included eliminating physical structures and keeping the work place open so there are no barriers between management and employees. This translated into management, including top-management, actually walking through the stores helping employees with routine tasks or by personally answering phone calls and addressing the concerns of customers; management did not spend their time confined to some office that is only accessible to a few. Sinegal himself took part in these kinds of activities; he was not at all a typical CEO. Sinegal was so involved and devoted to being at his employees' side that he even could be mistaken for a regular employee at a warehouse because he dressed casually and wore a name tag that simply said "Jim" making him look indistinguishable from the average stock clerk when he used to conduct routine daily visits to Costco locations throughout the US. Sometimes Sinegal also personally answered customer calls as well all in the name of providing value for Costco's customers and trying to fit in with his employees. For Sinegal, management had to be on the same operational level as lower-level employees otherwise they wouldn't understand what the lower-level employees went through on a day to day basis and they wouldn't


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