Thomas Green Case

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Gael Cleophat
MNGT 502
Dr. Premeaux
Case Analysis

Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis

1) What are the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis?

Thomas Green and Frank Davis use different working styles, and their personalities are also very different. When dealing with clients, Frank uses memos, proposals and also uses data to back up his proposals and give the client a better idea on what they are investing in. Thomas is more of a face to face to guy. He delivers is ideas to the clients and expect them to jump on board just by trusting his ideas. In the article Thomas is sketched to be very intelligent and talented and that causes him to be arrogant and overly confident.
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After carefully analyzing Thomas Green Behavior after the first meeting with Frank Davis, I can conclude that the conflict management style that he used is avoidance. During the 3 months that succeeded the October 15 meeting, Thomas spend most of his time working independently on his special project, and completely disregard all the recommendation made by Davis. It is also mentioned that during that time Thomas avoided all interactions with Davis whenever he could. Thomas was clearly avoiding the conflict at hand by doing independent work with his market specialist and various clients. Thomas Green continued to disagree with his boss budget, and kept doing his own thing. He himself stated: “ I deliberately steer clear of him …”, referring to Frank Davis. The more Thomas avoided the conflict the more it became a problem. After the meeting of January 2008, Thomas was explaining is standpoint to everyone else (Ms. McDonald, Friends etc), but never once went talk directly to Frank Davis about the issues that they were having.

5) What actions, if any, would you take if you were Thomas Green? Identify the type of conflict-management style you would recommend and why.

If I were Thomas Green, my main focus at this point would be save my position in the company; most importantly save my job. The first thing I would do is I would send a memo to Ms. McDonald and Frank Davis to schedule a meeting to discuss the roots of the conflict. At the meeting I would


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